Lizzie has written over four hundred features for the Wall St Journal. She began her work there writing weekly fly-on-the-wall pieces for the Heard & Scene section. Favorites from this time include walking across the Brooklyn Bridge with Bill Murray for Poet’s House, a pillow fight  in Union Square and a dilettante’s piano concert at Carnegie Hall. 

Six months in she also began writing a weekly arts-by-the-numbers feature—-Culture Count. Some examples include Rinne GroffRachel Chavkin and Jay Scheib

About a year into Culture Count, Lizzie had an idea for a weekly column where she would take a theater artist to a show of his or her choosing to discuss the work.  From the two years that she wrote this column, favorites include Lynn Nottage,  Russell Harvard and Lucas Hnath.

Lizzie also wrote a large number of features. Some were newsy—like about David Adjmi’s battle over 3C and Liesl Tommy’s struggle to get “Eclipsed” a New York production—and some were more straightforward preview pieces, for example, about Greta Gerwig’s stage debut or about composer/performer Todd Almond or about Soho Rep's first foray into children's theater  She's written a fair number of oddball pieces, one on equity cots, one where she asked 40 NY based theater artists who in the theater world they would give a million dollars to, one about the Christmas Party at an old folks home of performing artists, and two where she worked with a cartoonist and covered a tech rehearsal (here’s the one on Streb). 

In her last series for WSJ she looked in depth at a single scene from a production. Here's one about The Humans.