Lizzie Simon has had a prolific career as a writer and producer for quite some time now.

She was Arts Director of WKCR 89.9FM at Columbia University, Creative Producer at The Flea Theater in Tribeca and co-curator of FIAF’s Crossing the Line Festival. Her book, “Detour,” was published internationally and optioned by HBO and MTV, where she was a consulting producer. At The Wall St Journal, she was a weekly arts columnist and features writer.

She’s currently developing a one-hour TV drama series with George Takei, and working on two screenplays, one of which is existential and emotional, and the other, a nasty thriller.

Lizzie splits her time between New York City, the Hudson Valley and Sonoma County with her husband and three kids. Yes, it’s a lot of splitting and a lot of children but they’re very interesting places and people.

She can be contacted by email: lizzie underscore simon at yahoo dot com and her photographs of flotsam, jetsam, art and offspring can be seen on Instagram.